US Residential Electricity Rates by State

Average retail price of electricity to residential customers in each state as reported by These values do not include tax, fees, assessments, or other costs that increase the per kilowatt price. This data was last updated December 2023.

StatePrice per kWh          StatePrice per kWh
AK$0.23          AL$0.11
AR$0.09          AZ$0.12
CA$0.24          CO$0.11
CT$0.23          DC$0.17
DE$0.13          FL$0.13
GA$0.11          HI$0.39
IA$0.08          ID$0.10
IL$0.11          IN$0.11
KS$0.10          KY$0.10
LA$0.09          MA$0.23
MD$0.15          ME$0.22
MI$0.14          MN$0.11
MO$0.10          MS$0.11
MT$0.11          NC$0.12
ND$0.08          NE$0.09
NH$0.22          NJ$0.15
NM$0.09          NV$0.11
NY$0.18          OH$0.11
OK$0.08          OR$0.10
PA$0.13          RI$0.25
SC$0.10          SD$0.10
TN$0.11          TX$0.09
UT$0.09          VA$0.11
VT$0.18          WA$0.10
WI$0.12          WV$0.10